Rethinking DFS Product Design & Marketing

Provider: Microsave/Helix

Type: Facilitated

Duration: 5 weeks

Target audience: Mid- to senior-level managers involved in or interested in exploring DFS and DFS distribution, including but not limited to agency banking, alternative channel, and branchless banking managers; ideal participants are currently involved in DFS departments or have at least some basic knowledge of DFS.

About the course

This course provides participants with the opportunity to work through a systematic process of developing market-responsive products from insight generation to design and development. Participants will also explore effective ways of creating relevant marketing communication campaigns for different customer groups. This course addresses the needs of institutions in need of a market-making anchor product, as well as those looking to expand their product offerings.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use the MI4ID model to drive the product development process

  2. Identify behavioral biases that influence customers’ financial services usage

  3. Suggest levers that DFS providers can use to overcome behavioral biases

  4. Make decisions on an effective product distillation process

  5. Decide which different product prototypes are suitable for a specific consumer segments

  6. Evaluate the value of new products to all relevant stakeholders

  7. Develop a customer journey map to understand the gap between uptake and usage

  8. Develop messaging campaigns / strategies for each step of the customer journey to drive product usage